Very Short Hairstyles for Black Women

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Very Short Hairstyles for Black Women – Keeping hair short is a popular choice for a lot of black women. There are so many short hairstyles for black women to choose from, it can often be daunting to choose a hairstyle to suit you.

In most cases, short hair requires much less maintenance than long or curly hair so you can keep your looking sexy and healthy for longer. Very short hairstyles are the ideal, low maintenance style for confident women who want to show off their facial features.

The shaven or short trimmed hairstyle

Beauty Curly Hairstyles for Black GirlsThe shaven hair or very short trimmed look is difficult to pull off for a lot of women, but can be the perfect style for black women looking to stand out from the crowd. Some women treat their shaven hair as one of their most defining features.

This simple yet elegant hairstyle is perfect if you want a low-maintenance cut. Eliminate the need for a table full of products and an hour to get ready every time you go out.  Be warned; this style is not for the faint of heart. Shaven hair is easy to cut for a stylist (or even a men’s barber!) but not easy to reverse (but you knew that, right?). The only ways out are by growing the hair out naturally, or by opting for a wig if you are really unhappy!

If you’re feeling confident and want to show that to the world, then go for this hairstyle and just ask your stylist to grab the clippers! If you don’t fancy going all the way, then just go for a very short trim and keep some of the texture up top. You might want to ask your stylist to cut your hair shorter in stages so you can stop at the right length for you before it’s too late. Try coloring your hair as it grows out if you are one of those girls who like to try something different as often as possible.

The shaven or short trimmed hawk style

Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women With Round FacesThe shaven hawk style is popular for those women who are looking for an edgy, low maintenance hairstyle with a real definition. This is a very popular style amongst a lot of women. This style has so much possibility for variation and individualism. Don’t be afraid to show off your creative, confident side! Try something different and be bold. This is perfect for those who aren’t ready to commit to a completely shaven or trimmed hairstyle.

If you are looking for an alternative to the shaven look, the shaven hawk is the perfect look. Simply shave or short trim the sides of your hair and leave the middle a good few millimeters longer. This is also a perfect style if you have curly hair and want to keep tight curls on the top whilst keeping a short trim on the back and sides. Also try coloring the longer parts of your hair on the top to add extra definition to the look. Wear your short hairstyles for black women with style!

Very Short Hairstyles for Black Women


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