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Trendy Punk Hairstyles – Confrontational and rebellious are adjectives that apply not only to punk music, but also to trendy punk hairstyles. Like the music, hairstyles that fall into the punk vein are all about individuality and a nonconformist attitude. Punk hairstyles draw inspiration from many subcultures, including rockabilly, art school students, glam rock, and skinheads.

If you want your hairstyle to truly stand out and become a conversation piece, punk is your style. It is truly the ultimate hair genre for the young or the forever young.

Punk Hairstyles


Finding an appropriate color is probably the most important step in attaining a true modern punk hairstyle. Without great color, your haircut may be edgy, and it may be current, but it will not be truly punk. Vibrant and unnatural color has long been associated with the punk style. Red, blue, pink, and orange are used on hair as both singular colors and in combinations that may form designs. It can also be used sparingly over natural hair color in a striking pattern. A popular color style is the raven hair with platinum blond tips. This look will surely turn heads.


The cut is another important factor in finding a super trendy punk hairstyle. A typical cut may have shaggy hair on top of the head followed by a buzz cut on the lower half of the head. Asymmetrical shapes with hair substantially longer on one side are another popular cut. Some truly die-hard punks adopt radical cuts involving shaving slogans or designs on the back of their heads. These shavings are sometimes political in nature and used as a form of protest.

Punk Hair Styles for Girls


Thinking of punk hairstyles may leave you with one definite picture, the Mohawk. At the center of all things punk since the late 1970s, the Mohawk is still the most common image of punk style. A true Mohawk has a center strip of hair, stiffened by gel or hairspray that stands vertically on end. The sides of the head are shaved. More recent and less severe takes on this style are sometimes referred to as “faux hawks”. The faux hawk can be achieved with any length of hair and involves taking a center section of hair and then teasing or making it stiff with gel in order for the hair to remain vertical. The sides are combed or sprayed down. Whether opting for a traditional hawk or a new take, this is a style that will forever remain popular.

Cool Shot Punk Hairstyles for Women

If you’re curious about having vibrant hair color, the best thing to do is talk to your stylist about the different levels of commitment needed for different colors and your realistic ability to keep up with the maintenance. There are many ways to incorporate these great color options into your hair, but let us help you choose the right option for your lifestyle and budget. Please, do NOT try bleaching your hair at home. Many of the worst and most costly color corrections we have to perform are due to improperly performed bleach jobs. Even for trained professionals, lightening the hair consistently from roots to ends, and without over-processing the hair takes years to master. In the long run, your trendy punk hairstyles, and your pocketbook will thank you for it!

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