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The Difference Between Masonry Repair and Restoration
Whether your home has brick walls, stone blocks, or concrete, masonry repair is vital to maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Repairing these structures can mean filling in minor cracks or replacing whole sections. Sometimes, the repair requires sand-patching, caulking, or concrete filling. Regardless of the problem, trained masons can help you maintain the integrity of your masonry. However, it is crucial to know the difference between masonry repair and restoration before attempting to perform masonry repairs.

If you have a stone building, repairing it is essential to maintaining the structure and adding value to your home. Brick and stone structures are some of the strongest construction materials around. Many famous stone mansions and estates still stand today, in spite of time and war. However, they are not built to last forever, and eventually, signs of wear will begin to show. Fortunately, masonry repair services can help restore your property to its former glory.

For example, if your bricks are chipped or damaged, pointing them may be the solution. Brick pointing involves removing 3/4″ of the old mortar, which is damaged and will not bond well with the new cement. This new mortar will then bond to the surface and prevent water from penetrating into the bricks. It can also help seal out water. It is important to use new mortar, as it will last longer if it adheres to the surroundings.

Another type of masonry repair involves repairing cracked chimneys. Cracks in bricks and foundations allow water to seep into the home. Over time, this deterioration weakens concrete and the mortar between the bricks. Eventually, the foundation will erode and cause interior problems. Spalling of bricks is another problem. Often, it occurs when water freezes inside the bricks. The resulting water seeps into the mortar joints, which causes the bricks to split and fall apart.

If you’re considering masonry repair, it’s essential to choose a professional. Regardless of your skill level, it’s important to select a specialist based on his experience. Hiring a professional will ensure the quality of the work and result. And since these professionals are trained in a variety of masonry repair techniques, they’ll be able to provide the results you want. So, hire a masonry repair specialist to help you get your home back on the right track!

Some common masonry repairs include tuckpointing, chimney repairing, stonework, and chimney repairs. In some cases, these professionals can also repair water masonry, caulk different masonry surfaces, and restore historic masonry surfaces. Whether you need chimney repairs or stonework, a professional masonry repair company can help you achieve your goals. For example, cracks in chimneys may be an indication that the chimney cap is leaking or has cracked. The masonry repair experts can even bring back a chimney that is older than the house and needs some work.

Another common masonry repair is brickwork. This is a complicated process, which many people opt to undertake as a DIY project. It involves using an angle grinder to remove the old mortar and clean joints of mortar dust. Next, new mortar is applied to the joints. The whole process can take a few hours and can save hundreds of dollars. If you do it yourself, you can also save money by doing it yourself. However, professional masonry repair can be very costly, so it’s best to hire a professional to avoid this hassle.

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