Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

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Short Hairstyles for Round Faces – There are many hairstyles that complement round faces. Short hairstyles for round faces are popular as they can be easily styled and cared for. They also work for many hair textures and can convey cute, edgy, or professional style with a few simple styling changes. Although some hairstyles are better suited than others, having a round face doesn’t have to impede on style.
short hairstyles for round facesOne of the tasks that ladies with round faces need to consider is how to making the appearance of a thinner, longer face. There are many ways to do this, such as using hair to cover the edges of the face and choosing a cut that doesn’t add fullness to the cheeks.

Short Hairstyles For Round Faces and Thick Hair

Finding a cut that matches the shape of the face might seem like a daunting task, but many women find the thickness of their hair to be the most complicated obstacle in selecting their styles. Cutting thick hair short can do many things, including reducing the overall weight of the hair and helping with management issues.
Short Hairstyles For Round Faces and Thick HairThe goal of a round face is to create a longer, less round appearance. There are many ways to achieve this, even with short hair. Layering the hair will help to reduce fullness around the face, which will help with the proportions. Keeping volume around the top of the hair instead of on the side is another method. It is also best to avoid hair that cuts off at the chin. Finally, consider the part. If hair is shorter than chin length, consider a part to the side to help create shape.

For a great short style, try a cut that adds height and shape the crown. Hair that feells just slightly below the chin will help to reduce the appearance of roundness, so long as it isn’t heavy or fluffly near the cheeks. Thick hair is a great opportunity to utilize layering, which will both thin the hair down and make it look less full.

Short Hairstyles For Round Face and Thin Hair

Thin hair and a short cut fit well together, but the task is finding a cut that fits well with the roundness of the face. Wispy layers are a great option for thin hair, but they should be long enough to cover the cheeks. A soft bob with side swept bangs and a part that is just slightly off center will help to create fullness around the scalp and shape for the rest of the style.

Short Hairstyles For Round Face and Thin HairAn A-line cut is another cute style that will create a pleasant look while reducing the roundness of the face. The cut is shorter in the back and progressively longer in the front, meaning that it can fall below the chin and cover the edges of the face while still being easy to maintain. A flat iron and shine enhancing spray will help to create a sleek look with little frizz, and creating a small amount of height at the scalp will give the shape of your short hairstyles for round faces.

Short Hairstyles for Round Faces


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