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Accounting Services For Small Businesses
When your business is small and your focus is on your core business, you need to hire an accounting service to produce accurate financial records, handle tax consultations, and make sure your company is compliant with business regulations. Hiring an accountant not only saves you money, but also gives your business an edge over its competitors. An accountant’s help will increase your collection rate and reduce your payment period. You can also expect fast processing of invoices. Whether your business needs accounting services for your small business or not, there are a variety of different solutions.

When selecting an accounting firm, it is important to understand the cost structure. A general rule of thumb is that you should be paying a fixed fee for bookkeeping and simple tax preparation services. Many accountants will charge by the hour, but this approach can become unsustainable over the course of a large project. Depending on the size of your business, you may want to consider the fixed fee structure, which is typically used for small projects. Generally, the larger your business is, the lower your monthly payment will be.

Another way to hire an accountant is to seek out a firm that specializes in a particular specialty. Some firms start out as generalists and slowly shift into niche practice. Others intentionally build niche clientele to avoid chasing general clients. Other firms partner with specialized firms to take on those other needs. This way, they have a wide variety of services to offer. You can use a combination of methods, including referrals, to find a great match.

Marcus Accounting is one such firm. It offers monthly accounting services to business clients and aims to attract business clients to even out their revenues over the year. For consumers, the company offers tax planning, personal budgeting, and credit counseling in addition to annual tax filing. Additionally, you can also choose a package of services to help you plan for your personal finances, including checkbook reconciliation. When you hire Marcus Accounting, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

When it comes to outsourcing accounting, you should consider the type of accounting services you need, the level of involvement you need, and your future needs. Create a list of accounting processes and duties you can outsource. Once you’ve made your list, choose the provider who is most suited to your needs. A bookkeeper does data entry, while a CPA provides advice and speaks for their clients before the IRS. These providers can be individual contractors or a full-service firm.

Pricing for accounting services depends on your business’s needs and anticipated growth. While the price for a full-time accountant starts at $50,000 per year, you can customize your budget by hiring one for a few hours per week. Many online accounting services also offer flexible payment plans, allowing you to tailor your monthly payments to fit your needs. For example, a single bookkeeper could cost you $45,000 per year, including benefits. With GrowthForce, you can hire a team of three to do the job for you.

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