Bob Hairstyles with Layers You Can Follow Easily From Home

Posted on – Having the ability to cut bob hairstyles with layers is a great way to maintain a cool hairstyle, without the need to visit the hairdresser which, in turn, will save money. With a little patience and following a few simple steps, you can create the style you want.

Short Bob Hairstyle With Layers Ideas

Section Hair

Loosen any entangling by combing all the hair back, as if prepare to tie a ponytail at the nape of the neck. From this starting position, you can proceed to separate the hair. Start with a stripe in the middle which goes from the forehead to the nape of the neck, then use another parting that goes from side to side so that the hair is in 4 sections.

Secure the 2 top sections of hair with pins so that they do not cause an obstacle when dealing with the rest of the hair. Split hair at the nape of the neck so that what is left is the section of thickness of 1 inch of hair from each side closest to the initial separation. Comb the section of hair after cutting out the rest of the hair.

Get Basic Bob Shape

In order to achieve a layered bob, you must first start with a basic bob. To get the basic shape of the bob, start with the free hair section and use your fingers and a comb to apply a bit of tension. Once positioned the comb to the desired length, use it as a guide to carefully cut the hair in a straight line. Once the cut that you can use to direct is complete, following this technique by cutting other sections until the entire back and the sides of the hair is cut to the same length.

Part Top Section

To cut a bob in layers, the top section of hair is the most important. Detach the pins that hold the top 2 sections so you can get rid of thick 1-inch of hair section on both sides of the stripe in the middle. Comb these 2 sections forward in front of the face before securing the rest of the hair with pins.

Add Layers

Begin with 2 sections in order to add layers. Using the same technique as before applying a bit of tension, use your fingers and a comb as a guide to cut a horizontal straight line. The length will depend on how long you want the initial layer is, that it should be between the lengths of your fringe and rear portion of hair that is cut before. Continue sectioning hair in small sections to repeat the technique until the entire top is uniform to give the effect of bob in layers.

Finish Up

Comb the hair down before leaving the hair the way you want it to fall. Carefully consider the style by applying tension to be sure that it is the same. In the event that you find any strands of hair that are out of place, carefully move all these things, with fingers and a comb as a guide so that they blend with the rest of bob hairstyles with layers.

Bob Hairstyles with Layers You Can Follow Easily From Home


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