Bob Cut Hairstyles

Posted on Bob cut hairstyles are an everlasting style. Always in fashion, this is a more traditional style for women who like to keep the length on the sides to frame and soften their facial features. Don’t be fooled by the traditional feel to this style there is still plenty of room for personality and unique, creative styles.

Basic Bob Cut

Cute Hairstyles For Bob CutsThe basic bob cut is shorter hair on the top with longer hair at the sides. Some ladies wear a bob with bangs, some don’t. It’s up to you, but take a look at our guide below! This is a perfect style for those who want a simple style for slightly longer hair. The standard bob cut is symmetrical with an even length all the way round in a ‘dome’ shape. Best suited to those with a strong jawline and neck line. This is a much ‘safer’ option for those who don’t want a short trim or a pixie cut and still allows for plenty of variation and individuality.

Graduated Bob Cut

The graduated bob cut is for those who want to keep the hair at the neckline and want a tapered effect in towards the neck. This softens the look at the back and is very popular for a lot of women.

Asymmetric Bob Haircut

An asymmetric bob is very similar to the standard bob except that the two sides are cut to different lengths to create an uneven look. This is an instant way to add an edgy look to your style and is perfect coupled with bright, bold and even subtle, softer colors.

Wavy Bob Cut

This is perfect for those who have naturally wavy hair and creates a very natural bob cut with attitude. If you have naturally straight hair, then add loose curls and volume with a curling iron to thicken out the style and work product into the hair with the fingers to get the wavy look.

Curly Bob

The curly bob is perfect for those with naturally curly or wavy hair. Simply curl your hair with a curling iron and add product to get loose curls. Try using rollers to get a fuller look for those of you with more natural straight hair. This is perfect for a classy look if you have lots of time to get ready and style your hair. Volume is key with this style – the bigger the better so try smaller curls where possible.

Tight Curly Bob

If you have tight, natural curls, then you know how hard it is to maintain your hair when it is longer. Cutting in a bob is a perfect way to show off your curls at an easily tamed length. Use your curls to frame your face and to give you the traditional bob look.

If you are looking for the best bob cut hairstyles, then hopefully this guide has helped you to narrow down your choices and see some of the amazing potential that short hair can bring. Short doesn’t mean boring by any means, in fact it’s the opposite; cutting short calls for you to be bold and to wear your short style with confidence!

Bob Cut Hairstyles


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